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Instituted December 12, 1919, Van Nuys Lodge #442, is the Van Nuys chapter of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 

Our Van Nuys lodge is part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  Established in the United States in1819, Odd Fellows has over 10,000 lodges in 26 countries.  Our fraternity was the first national group to include both men and women.

Many great men and women have served as Odd Fellows.  Did you know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an Odd Fellow, and that the New Deal was created based on Odd Fellow principles?

We are expecting this year to be a time of growth for the lodge and are always looking for new members.  We intend to continue to enjoy each other's company, meet new people, and to be active in our community. If you have a big heart and want to be of service to your community and to humanity, consider applying to membership and become a new member.

Elected Odd Fellow Officers for 2018

  • Noble Grand- David Haber
  • Vice Grand- Amalia Sanchez
  • Secretary- Linda Delgado
  • Treasurer- Tony Delgado
  • Financial Secretary- Marilyn True

Appointed Odd Fellow Officers for 2018

Noble Grand David Haber appointed:

  • Warden- Richard Barbarossa                                            
  • Conductor- Abigail Abbott-Perez
  • Right Supporter of the Noble Grand- Helene Epler
  • Left Supporter of the Noble Grand- Diane Webb
  • Chaplain- Bonnie Kessner
  • Inside Guardian- Javier Perez
  • Outside Guardian- Freddy Castillo
  • Color Bearer- Estella Duran
  • Right Supporter Vice Grand - Carolyn Urquidez
  • Left Scene Supporter - Jessie Basquez

Trustees of the Lodge

  • Helene Epler
  • Linda Delgado
  • Tony Delgado