Van Nuys Odd Fellows Lodge #442 performs its programs and community services through its many committees. Committee types include Lodge management committees, special committees, and single-project committees. Every active member of this Lodge should be serving on at least one committee of this Lodge.

Standing and Special Committees

Committees are of two types: standing committees and special committees.

Standing committees are committees required by our By-laws. These committees perform basic management responsibilities of our organization. Membership of these committees may be set by our by-laws (e.g.: Noble Grand, Vice Grand and Treasurer) or the Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members.

Special committees perform specific support functions and activities of our organization. These committees are created based upon need and interest. Special committees can be created to serve a one-time specific function or used to support recurring long-term activities of the Van Nuys Odd Fellows Lodge. The Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members of special committees.

Van Nuys Odd Fellows Committees

  • Finance Committee: Handles financial matters including statements and bills.
  • By-laws Committee: Enforces our by-laws and responsible for their regulation.
  • Pet Shot Clinic Committee:  Works with local Vets to provide low cost vaccinations to pets.
  • Scholarship Committee:  In charge of scholarship applications and picking worthy recipients.
  • Publicity Committee:  Advertises and documents lodge events.
  • Haven Hills Committee: Works closely with our one of our sponsored organizations, Haven Hills.
  • Kidney Quest Committee: Works closely with the Kidney Quest Foundation to sponsor events.
  • California Cadet Corps Committee:  Works with supporting the 205 Cadet Battalion of Pacoima Middle school.
  • Adopt a Resident Committee:  Provides gifts and correspondence to residence of the Odd Fellows/ Rebekahs retirement homes.
  • Food Drive Committee:  Works with grocery stores to sponsor food drives at their stores for local food banks.
  • Lodge Socials Committee:  Plans social events for the Lodge members.
  • Membership Committee:  Plans events and means to attain more members.